The Airponix commercial approach consists of 4 fee elements:

  1. A licence to use the Airponix technology (which includes the fog system)
  2. A royalty on sales that result from the Airponix system or on a square metre basis
  3. Custom crops grown on request in our 1,000sqm glasshouse facility
  4. Consultancy and construction services if appropriate

The licence fee includes the fog generation, monitoring and overall system design that we will provide. The royalty element is a % of gross sales that our clients achieve which aligns our success with that of our clients. We also offer a full consultancy service to design the optimum system based on the clients’ specific crop requirements and environment, construction, test and commissioning complete with fog generating and control systems.

We would be very happy to talk to anyone who is interested in utilising an Airponix system to grow crops in a new way and can give pricing upon request. We would particularly like to partner with major growers to help them to overcome some of their challenges and gain a competitive edge.

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“From first world to third world and from small scale farmer to major agri-producer, our innovative Airponix approach offers commercially attractive solutions to growing a wide variety of crops”

Michael Ruggier CEO Airponix Ltd.

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